Monday, January 19, 2009


"You cant occupy place in other people's life. It is them who have to give you the space."

"Words and actions of anger are like stones thrown at vessel, they leave a dent."

"You cant force a person to behave according to your wish, and in case you try too hard you might lose her/him."

"Before treating a person in some way think what if you were treated the same way."

"If a stranger treats you bad, then dont bother about it. But if someone who knows you treats you bad, then dont be surprised. And try to think what conditions you created that led to this treatment."

"Do not worry about things you cant change, it will never do good to you. Accept things as they come."

"When you know you can make someone's day by a simple act of yours. then do it."

"Sharing your happiness with others may not always make them happy, and sharing your sorrows doesnt decrease them either."

"Do not bother about the impression that you have on people whom you do not know or who do not care about you."


priyanka said...

hello..! was looking for some nice rangoli ideas on flicker n came across ur amazing art work..!!
every single thing was beautiful..!!

gr88 work n also gr88 pic..!!
keep smiling..!!
Happy Dhanteras..!!
Happy Diwali..!!

rainboy said...

last line i really be awesome one has to be carefree :D