Wednesday, July 30, 2008

All about money

Money Money

Its all about money honey. As they say. But is it so. We keep running after money. Run Run Run ... when will the run stop. If money is all that we dream about. Is there scope for anything else? I believe 90% of people in software industry are there because of the money involved. Everybody dreams of doing something better, something else. But very few do anything other than job. So where is the life gone. Everybody wants to be creative, but managers in each company wants them to be creative technically... "Publish patents you fools." !!!

And lets say somebody earns X Lakhs for 8hrs a day (including lunch+dinner+breakfast+snacks) and other guy earns 1.2X for 16hrs a day. Definitely second person is earning quite a lot. But is there any life left. But lets assume second person is techno freak, then he/she will surely enjoy spending 16hrs in office. For most of us this assumption fails.

Recently I had met a friend of mine, who has recently graduated from IIMA. I have the opinion that people don't really need that much of money. As in what will do by earning so much of money. He said I will retire by 40. But does that happen, NOPES, it doesn't. Retire by 40 and do what? Run after your kids? No it will never happen. Nobody likes to sit idle. And do the young days come back with the extra money you have earned? Will you be young again? Will you have the same energy?

We do crib about the hikes we get, then there is this person who gets the same salary as your hike. Still he is happy. Life has so many contrasts.

Is any amount of money sufficient?
Think Think Think.