Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dhamki antaratma ki

"I am going to leave you by 2007 year end. You haven't done justice to me or my existence." said my Soul to me, in a depressed voice.
"... Ummm ...I haven't done justice to you. What makes you say so?" said me.
"I felt so as it was very embarrasing for me when I went to attend AISM."
"AISM??? whats that ..."
"All India Souls Meet, I went to look for your soulmate."
"What the hell?? Who asked you to find soulmate for me. "
"Nobody, I just felt like having one, so I went on my own. And for your information, I have been attending this meet since it started. Without your knowledge, Of course."
"Whatever, it sounds stupid to me. And by the way what made you feel so embarrased."
"I approached this beautiful soul *S*, and she asked me for your blog link. And I didnt have any answer to that."
"Whattttt ... why did you go to such stupid soul... you could have given my orkut link or flickr photoblog"
"What made you think that I didnt try ... orkut is too old fashioned and *S* said its junk. And *S* didnt bother about flickr link. And I didnt have any other ways to prove that You are a popular soul."
"Then you should have just walked away, you couldnt think of such a simple solution as well ... Anyway what is all this fuss about leaving me by year end... I have been with you for over a quarter century ... you cant go away just like that ...
"Of course, I can. I waited for 25years. And moreover I am bored. And when I leave, you will be just a soul-LESS creature"
"Soul-lesss creatureee!!!! I am not sure what difference it makes, but still I dont wish to be called so. So, tell me, what do I do to make you stay back.
"Write a blog. pretty simple. You couldnt think of such a simple solution as well. haha"
"But I am lazy."
"Doesnt justify anything. Tell me one thing, havent you thought of writing a blog for a long long long time. Dont you want it?"
"I did. But I have been lazy. I also tried to start a blog in Korea. But there blogspot used to come in Korean only. And I didnt bother to find how to get it into english. Moreover I dont really know what I am supposed to write. I am not that great at writing."
"Its ok. Not all people are great. And tell me one thing did you think that you were great at photography when you started with photoblog? As far as I know you didnt."
"Ya thats true, But still whats the use then. If I dont have anything interesting to write."
"You can write about your life, your experiences, useful informations, your opinion about things. As it is you dont talk much about your life to anyone, So people who wish to know a bit about you, might be interested in reading your blogs."
"Sounds good as such ... But what about the name... I cant think of a good name"
"I already have taken a name. its purdev."
"Not again.
"you have been doing lots of things behind my back... and what does thing name signify ... is there any sense to it as well? "
"its just derived from your name"
"Anyway I dont like that name. And what do I start with in the content... dont tell me that you already have that ready for me"
"No I dont have that ready.
(Im too lazy to do all that stuff, motivating is easier). But ya I have given you the framework sometime back."
"Oh you mean the same old self-soul talking that people have been blogging about"
"Yes exactly. You dont have any other options :D"
"... ummm ok let me try ... "Great you lazy bum!! All the best.."

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